Tuesday, 17 April 2007

It's all happening...

The Film Council has launched a new 25 Words or Less competition. They didn't exactly shout about it, but it's there on their website. Don't know how long it's been up.

And the Beeb have told the entire world about their hunt for 8 new Academicians. My application will be in the post shortly.

I've decided to go to Cheltenham again this year. Just the Thursday and Friday. Anyone else heading that way?

And finally, some good news on the Doctors front. I've had a story outline accepted and banked. I think it must be some kind of record - I sent a second draft in to my script editor on Friday, and it was banked by Monday afternoon. It's for a standalone episode, and my man doesn't have one allocated to him at the moment, but, as soon as he does then we can get started.


Lianne said...

Well spotted on the 25 words or less front Paul! And good luck with getting on the Writer's Academy.

TonyB said...

Great news on the Doctors front! Which established character are you writing for?

This may seem like a daft question, but when thinking of ideas do you come up with a story first which you then match to a suitable 'disease of the day', or do you have a shortlist of interestng ailments which you then generate stories from?

Paul Campbell said...

Thanks, Lianne.

Hi, Tony. This one's for Nick (mainly), and there's no disease of the day at all. In fact, it's a pretty odd episode. Can't say any more right now, but if it goes ahead it'll be unlike any other Doctors episode you've ever seen!

Jamie said...

Given Parallel Lines was quite quirky off beat to the norm, then I'm looking forward to your next one.

Good luck with the Writers Academy.

Piers said...

Yeah, I'll be along to Cheltenham. Haven't decided whether to go for just the pro days or the whole shebang yet though.