Friday, 23 February 2007

I'm in the Radio Times!

Sorry! Can't help but get excited. My episode of Doctors finally hits the transmitters on Wednesday, and I'm listed in the Radio Times*.

Episode written by Paul Campbell
Parallel Lines. A woman has
to choose between her baby and her own health.

Of course, it's wrong. My episode is indeed called Parallel Lines, but, unless they've changed it completely since I submitted the script (not impossible!), then it has nothing do with a woman choosing between her baby and her own health.

Anyway, I'm one excited bundle of newbie writer nerves at the moment.

BBC1 Wednesday 28th February at 2.05pm. Be there.

*Well, the on-line version. I'll have to pop out tomorrow and buy myself a hard copy.


TonyB said...

Good for you! I can understand your excitement, it must be a great feeling.

Weird about the mix up with the programme description! I checked the hard copy of Radio Times and it says the same thing, as does the Sky EPG guide. Heads must roll!

I hope the final result is how you expected it to be - perhaps when you have a moment you could post your impressions of the finished article - eg. what did you think of the director’s interpretation, the casting, was the subtext portrayed as you'd intended, did the director and cast make more of certain scenes or find things within scenes which you yourself hadn't intended etc?

Coming from a production background I find it very interesting to hear writers' perspectives on how their work is interpreted on screen.

By the way, once the ‘Doctors’ script is locked and taken into production, do you have any contact with the production team? I just wondered if you had notes from the director asking if certain bits could be cut/re-written, or is your involvement completely finished by that point?

David Bishop said...

I haven't watched Doctors for several years, but did catch a few scenes of this while flipping through headlines on Ceefax [a.k.a. avoiding doing some actual work]. Hysterical woman, overbearing husband, unborn baby in jeopardy - you almost made me sit down and watch the rest of the episode. I even looked up the writer's name in the Radio Times, but didn't connect it with your blog. Well done on getting your broadcast credit!

Optimistic_Reader said...

Well done Paul! I don't think I'll be able to catch your episode though, Wednesday is an office day. What a shame. Do let us know what you think when you see the final version though.

Paul Campbell said...

Tony - If I'm not humiliated and embarrassed by the entire episode, then I will indeed report back here. I've had no contact about the script since I submitted it in July last year. The only thing I heard was from my then script editor who told me he had seen it and it looked good.

David - that wasn't my episode! Somehow the Radio Times (and almost every other listing organisation) has cocked up. The description of the episode (pregnant mum, choice between her own health and that of the kid etc) relates to last Thursday's episode and got accidentally repeated for mine. Mine does involve a pregnant woman, but the story is very different.

Opti - That's what video recorders are for!

Optimistic_Reader said...

Paul - true, but my boyfriend recently purchased a recordable DVD player, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to work it. I'll have to get him on the case!

David Bishop said...

D'uh! That means I could have watched it today and din't. What a twassock I am.

Note to self: pay attention, fool!

Anyway, congratulations.