Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Doctors ideas

So, I sent thirteen story ideas to my script editor. Three or four paragraphs each.

Six hours later my esteemed script editor gets back to me.

Two of my ideas were very similar to stuff that's been done before. That leaves eleven.

One wasn't really an idea for a 'story of the day' (it was more of a suggestion for a serial element). Down to ten.

Three of them were unsuitable for Doctors (One had a strong religious element, one would have required a mass grave, and one involved two people in a car for thirty minutes). Seven left.

Two were just 'weak'.

But that still leaves five!

Of course, that doesn't mean that all five will survive the transition to two-page outlines. Neither does it guarantee that Peter Lloyd (the Senior Producer) will like them. And it definitely doesn't guarantee a commission.

But there are still five ideas in the mix. Onwards, with enthusiasm!

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potdoll said...

Yo! all the best with the WINNING five.