Saturday, 8 July 2006

Can we have the first draft in a week's time?

My Doctors scene by scene has now been accepted. I've got one or two minor notes on it, and a page from their friendly GP adviser explaining why Nick wouldn't possibly be so unprofessional as to do the things I have him do in my story (we'll see...).

But now we move to script. And could they possibly have it within a week? I suppose my stunned silence must have spoken volumes. OK then, how about ten days.

So, ten days it is. The first draft of my first Doctors script gets delivered Monday week.


David Bishop said...

Congratulations on getting the scene-by-scene accepted. Not long now until you have to change that line on your blog about 'Unproduced and Unsung'.

Dan said...

Very cool. Well done.

Paul Campbell said...

Thanks, guys.

Ever since I put those words ("Unproduced and Unsung") up there, I've been dreaming of the day they come down.

But what to put in their place? Maybe nothing. Maybe just a proud, unqualified "Screenwriter".

Dom Carver said...

How about, 'Living The Dream'?

Or, 'Paid At Last'?

roger said...

Well done Paul. I'm glad to hear things are happening for you. You've made it over to the other side now.

Paul Campbell said...

thanks, Roger.

Mind you, it's bit scary over here on the other side. Suddenly it's all very real and businesslike. I'm not playing anymore.