Thursday, 27 April 2006

It's been a while

Haven't done much writing recently. Bad boy.
It was my fortieth recently and we had a bit of a party, which seems to have taken up ridiculous amounts of my time before and after. Think of it as some "annual leave".
Finally got back down to it today, though. Did some stuff for Doctors - a couple of story outlines. A quick polish tomorrow and off they go.


Lucy said...

Hi Paul, welcome back. Any chance of some info or an article on how you got the Doctors gig? Desperate to get into TV but have been rejected by the beeb consistently now for months - seems the only avenue open is the Writers' Academy and I'm TOO BUSY for that!!! (BTW, Baby2write still has not made her entrance)

Paul Campbell said...

Hi Lucy

I'm not really intending to use the blog for anything other than a public confession of work in progress - I am a terrible procrastinator and if I'm forced to admit in public how little I've written in a day, then I might get on and do a bit more!

But I'll happily drop you an e-mail to tell you how I got in Doctors. The only problem is that it has all changed since then so it might not do you any good.

E-mail in its way.