Monday, 10 April 2006

Back to Doctors

I have three script ideas officially "banked" with the Doctors folk in Birmingham.
And, one of these days, they're going to give me a commission to write one of them. They will.
In the meantime, the more ideas they have, the greater my chances, so I've spent today working on a couple of outlines. I only got one down on paper, in draft, but it feels solid. The other one will have to wait a bit.

I also spent far too much time sorting out the correct formatting for a radio play. I have my fingers crossed for a commission in that direction, so I'm listening to a good few examples of the genre, and sorting out what they look like on the page. That way, when the commission comes (ahem), I can get started immediately.


Optimistic_Reader said...

Hi Paul,

Well done on getting your Doctors ideas "banked". Keep us updated on the progress.

How's the Coming Up submission coming along?

Paul Campbell said...

Thanks, Opti.

Well, I just got some feedback on my draft submission and it looks like it needs quite a lot of re-working. But I'm in charge of the kids over the Easter Hols, so time to do it is tight. Due in next Tuesday, I believe.

Could be some late nights.

Optimistic_Reader said...

Those are the sacrifices we must make it seems! I'm fitting it around a bust script reading week. The submission itself doesn't need much work, I just need to find a way of making it more of a "selling document" I think. At the moment it's just story. And I need to tidy up a writing sample before I can send it off too so I expect a few late nights as well.

Lucy said...

Ah, late's all material, right? I think I'm going to have to put this baby on hold...which could be difficult, considering my due date is April 18th! I think that's a good omen though.